Fighters For The Kingdom
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Our Story

Dr. Moon is a scientist who is well-known for his unethical researches. Currently, the Tasmanian devils are the focus of his research to create a super drug that could cure any sickness.

The Science society was disgusted with Dr. Moon’s plans and forbid him from conducting another research again. However, Ms. Greene, a billionaire, wanted him to conduct the research to sell the drug. Without regard for the endangered animals, they built a large lab on an inhabited island to conduct the experiments secretly.

Thousands of Tasmanian devils were captured and transported to Sol island, where they were experimented on for years. The workers of the facility even gave the animals a nickname, ‘Solmanians’.

Unbeknownst to them, the sun’s temperature began to rise every year. Emitting large waves of radiation to the earth, making the planet uninhabitable for mankind. The humans were forced to turn to outer space for survival and the government began evacuating the people. It was a global emergency.

With no choice, Dr. instructed his men. “Shut down the laboratory and let the Solmanians free.” After years of being imprisoned, the Solmanians were now free. Life on Earth has changed drastically but it wouldn’t remain peaceful for long.

A worker had accidentally pushed a button that released the highly-toxic Uranium-containing solution. The treatment contaminated rivers, lakes, and streams, affecting many bodies of water. All animals on the island, including the Solmanians, and the humans who were left behind had consumed the water.

And soon, their bodies started mutating. Due to the sun’s radiation and the nuclear-contaminated water, a shift occurred in the animal kingdom. Monkeys, birds, mice, dogs, and even sea creatures mutated physically and mentally. Who knows what and how other animals have mutated.

With their newfound abilities and knowledge, the mutated Solmanians was now stronger and faster. But despite the changes, they still have animal instincts to fight food, dominance, and territory.

What happens if wild mutated animals are stuck in an isolated archipelago? Well, one thing is certain, the Solmanians and other animals will fight against each other to build the animal kingdom. Each one of them will be FIGHTERS FOR THE KINGDOM.

The countdown has begun!
Time left to SolManians
0.99 SOL
(Once the transaction is confirmed, it appears immediately in your wallet.)
SolMaians PvE and PvP Play-to-Earn Desktop Game
There is a boatload of content, interesting maps, epic battles PvE and PvP, NFT, and exciting rewards all in one place. Fight multiplayer and build your legacy. Let’s equip and conquer the world!
Make your calendars
We are excited to announce the release date of PvE it’s DECEMBER 2021
Fighters For The Kingdom
Road Map
PvE Game Release
Secondary market listing
Airdrop for Solmanians Holder
Solmanians merchandise online shop release
Collaboration to invite other projects to our games
Developing PvP games integrating other collaborative projects in to the game
What is the total Solmanians supply
The total supply of Solmanians is 6666.
What is the mint price?
Mint price is 0.99 SOL.
Will there be a secondary market?
Yes, once you own the Solmanians nft you will be able to trade it on several markets. Our negotiations with the marketplaces still continue and will be announced soon.
Which wallets can I use?
You can use the Phantom, Sollet, Solflare and Ledger wallets.
Is there a mint limit
Solmanians purchases are limited to one per transaction, there is no limit to how many transactions you can do.
What can i do with my Solmanians NFT?
Thanks to the Solmanians in your wallet, you will connect and play the PvE and PvP games. The number of nfts in your wallet will provide you with various advantages in our games.
What kind of games are PvE and PvP?
Our game is a play-to-earn game; it is a real-time game where you can win various prizes by winning the battles with other players and doing the tasks given in the games.